Sleeping in the Sun

Amy Savin

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  1. Sleeping in the Sun -:-- / 3:51

There’s a place I come from, yeah I’ve always called it home
Much too simple for some, but it’s all that I have known
I was taught how to love, how to make my faith my own
Make it a life

I’ve been told I’m a dreamer, my head’s caught in the sky
Still I’ve seen how good people without a vision die
Against grind, against norm, I refuse to just conform
And feed a lie

There’s a fire in my heart
There’s a thunder in my soul
And I’m not scared to walk
Down the far less traveled road
Who’s to say change will come
If we’re sleeping in the sun and wasting

Slow to speak, quick to listen, forever be my goal
Soaking up words of wisdom from those who’ve gone before
Yet the Word of the Lord said the young will prophesy
They’ll learn to lead

I can understand lonely, I can understand dark
And I’d rather have both if it means I’ll leave my mark
For the sake of what’s holy, for the sake of bringing truth
To those who fear