I Am

Amy Savin

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unleashed and running wild
your fears are starting to belittle me
no man can serve two gods
your dreams are your religion
you’re running hard for them
oh, don’t forget the one who holds them all

you cannot find your life in anything apart from me
the things you worry about prove what you are worshiping
I am what you need
nothing can satisfy your heart until I fill it up
the break you’re looking for will come when you let me be God
and I am what you want

my name is not “I will be”
my name is not “I was”
I long for you to call me “I AM”
you’re stressed about your future
you’re hurting from the past
come find me in the present, come and rest

I am who I say I am
faithful ’to the end
carry my name where you go
so the world will know I am