It’s a Good Life

Amy Savin

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you were right, I was wrong
guess I never thought that giving in would take this long
but I’m stubborn to a fault
and I put up a fight even when you won’t

what is your secret? I know you’re onto something
you always break my fall
and you’ve told me:

take heart love, we are much better than our failures
and farther down the road
I see it, we make it longer than forever
I never wanna let you down, I never wanna leave you out
it’s a hard, but a good life

oh the times I’ve been mad-
and I’ve wanted to scream but you make me laugh
I can’t help it, I’m undone
the moment you kiss me, we know you’ve won

the sun goes down, you’re sleeping next to me
my thoughts start to quiet when I hear you breathe
in the end I love you more than I can bear
you’re my sanity, my clarity, I swear
you’re always there
I need, need you there