New Earth

Amy Savin

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He won’t abandon, He will not forsake the earth
heaven has come down, creation will be rebirthed
Eden won’t be lost forever
she will be our eternal home

resurrected to life, behold the new paradise
grand design made complete
flesh and bone, heart and soul, perfectly realized
and for all time, rejoicing in heaven come down

we’re not a failed project; earth is not His regret
evil has ruled it; but our King will take it back
what’s been lost, broken and polluted
He will make glorious and new

Son of God was slain, buried in the grave, some believed it was the end
resurrection day, stone rolled away, risen Savior in the flesh
breaking of the bread, fellowship with friends, just a taste of what’s to come
heaven’s not a place we’re escaping to, it’s a Kingdom coming down

heaven is come down to us
and heaven will come down