Us and Them

Amy Savin

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dawn of the first age
risen from the dirt
all men equal
born to rule the earth
caught up in bitterness and rage, was a brother’s hate
see the hand of Cain raising up his blade

it’s us or it’s them, so off with their heads

wake up, sleeper
lay your arms down, cast them to the sea
brother’s keeper
live as guardians of humanity
the enemy is not flesh and blood

news flash, backlash
fear’s an easy sell
“safety” by deceit
mark the scapegoat well
someone who doesn’t live where you live always wants you dead
hate is a vicious fire; a recurring death

fear has turned us cold
fear has made us frauds
fear is a powerful force used by lesser gods
love is the antidote
it’s the power to save
love is the only truth, it is the only way

heaven on earth will be
one human family