Amy Savin

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gone— my beloved and fearless wanderer
oh, you left long ago but I still need to know you’re alright
can you see the light in the window? It keeps on burning
it’s a beacon for you, finally home is in view from the road
darling, you are very close

come on, come on, come on
return to my arms
and I will sing an anthem of love
all you’ve lost will be replaced
and high upon my shoulders, the sun to your face
this is your place

I’ll be the first one that you see running
I’ll be running to you with my feet barely touching the ground
and this sleeping city will awake to my celebration
joyous laughter will soar like it’s never before, ringing out
oh, I can hear it now

you can run, but you cannot tire me out
you don’t have the power to let me down
you can’t escape my love, My Love