New Release Tuesday Review of “Unveiled”.

Unveiling An Energetic Surprise
Posted July 31, 2019
By JJFrancesco_NRT, Staff Reviewer 

What You Need To Know
Amy Savin is a dynamic and powerful vocalist and songwriter who crafts melodic, alternative-rock songs that weld huge sounding guitars and intricately designed drum parts together into explosive declarations.

What It Sounds Like
Amy Savin blends a ridiculously infectious pop/rock sound with full and lush instrumentation to deliver an unexpected album highlight of the summer. Opener “Creator and the Cosmos” boasts a memorable chorus driven by Savin’s passionate vocals. The title track ups the ante as far as infectious pop goes and “Us and Them” offers some actual guitar rock even many rock artists haven’t seemed to offer in a few years. On paper, Savin doesn’t really reinvent any musical wheels. And yet, every note seems to resonate more deeply than so much of modern worship. Perhaps it’s clear influences from 80’s and 90’s hits or it’s the earnest and crisp delivery of Savin’s versatile vocals. Whatever the secret ingredient, this album proves it can make familiar waters truly enjoyable and fresh.

Spiritual Highlights 
Savin offers thoughtful worship that goes beyond simple cliches. The opening track expresses God’s greatness and marvels at how such a great being takes time to love us. “The Cure” explores whether we could “see heaven on earth” if we truly loved our neighbors. Each song wades through the wonder and mystery of creation (and the Creator) in a more profound and inspiring way than much of modern music.

Best Song On The Album
“Unveiled” is the biggest example of Savin’s strengths and a strong choice for a single.

For Fans Of 
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Final Word
With a full and engaging sonic and musical framework, Amy Savin has put out one of the most unexpectedly enjoyable records of the summer that dares to be epic. 

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