Amy Savin on the Ampraid Podcast

Amy Savin tells us about her first touring experience, her writing process and the process it took to make her most recent full-length record “Unveiled”.     Amy talks about the urge to quit due to the length of time it took to make a full length record.  Amy talks about the possibility of self producing [...]

Six GMA Canada Nominations!

Friday, November 15th, Canada's Gospel Music Awards announced the artist nominees for 2020, with Amy being nominated in six different categories! Thank you, GMA Canada for this special honor! We will see everyone in British Columbia at the awards ceremony, March 21st! Congrats also to all the nominees!

Amy Savin on “Between the Grooves” Vocalist and songwriter Amy Savin chats with James and Drew about the writing process, both for her first release Skylines and second record Unveiled. They talk about the time it takes, reconnecting with older material, the production process, being honest and authentic in your art, and more. Plus, James and Drew answer a listener looking for music recommendations, discuss [...]

New Release Tuesday Review of “Unveiled”.

Unveiling An Energetic SurprisePosted July 31, 2019By JJFrancesco_NRT, Staff Reviewer  What You Need To KnowAmy Savin is a dynamic and powerful vocalist and songwriter who crafts melodic, alternative-rock songs that weld huge sounding guitars and intricately designed drum parts together into explosive declarations. What It Sounds LikeAmy Savin blends a ridiculously infectious pop/rock sound with full and [...]