Amy Savin on the Ampraid Podcast

Amy Savin tells us about her first touring experience, her writing process and the process it took to make her most recent full-length record “Unveiled”.    

Amy talks about the urge to quit due to the length of time it took to make a full length record. 

Amy talks about the possibility of self producing her next record, the writing process and the fighting the urge to compare the upcoming record to the last record project.   

Aaron talks about ‘battles of the bands’ and says “There are no musical Olympics”  No one wins anything for being the ‘best band’.   Aaron makes some statements about age and a career in music.  

Aaron:  “Comparison is the enemy of great art, it leads you on a path away from gratitude”  Aaron, Josiah and Amy talk about the value of musical community.  

Amy makes some points about touring, and overcoming rejection and value of music and art. 

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